Saying we are grateful for finding Raymond for my son as a piano teacher is an understatement. He is one of the most generous and gifted teachers, and he challenges him exactly the right amount. Ray’s ability to individualize his lessons to accommodate the learning styles of each of his students is magical.  My son leaves each lesson feeling accomplished, motivated, inspired and happier than when he walked in.

Allie Davis

"Ray's teaching is methodical and yet interesting and fun. His lessons are intellectually engaging. He weaves music theory and history into his lessons. He emphasizes good techniques and habits, as well as musicality. I can't recommend him enough as a piano teacher for both kids and adults."


"Ray is an exceptional piano teacher and an amazing human being. Ray has helped my daughter flourish as a budding pianist by building her confidence, pushing her ever so little and helping her develop her own personal touch in musical storytelling. Ray also has an amazing way of teaching piano technique, making it fun and challenging, and never to be compromised in favor of playing. Ray is the complete package - highly recommended!!"

-Banasree Ghosh

"Before meeting Ray, I could barely read or understand even the most basic music concepts. Now, a year later, I have improved both my piano technique and my understanding of music. I could not be more pleased with what I have gained from being Ray's student."

-Nayla Boorady

"My daughter's playing has developed dramatically. Her control of the sound and interpretation has grown daily. She no longer just plays the notes - she now plays music. She has grown in confidence, artistry and technical mastery since studying with Ray."

-Carol Blanco